Why Should I Use LiquiStone?

1) Its easy to mix

Add the powder to the water slowly while mixing with a whisk or stick. It is easy to adjust the viscosity with a little extra water or a little extra powder.

2) Its easy to work with

When mixed thin- it pours easily. Pouring slowly minimizes air bubble entrapment. Great for hand castings.

When mixed more thickly- it can be built up on surfaces that are not horizontal. Great for torso and face casting

3) It sets fairly quickly

LiquiStone will give you about 13-15 minutes of working time and it will achieve 90% of its final strength within 1 hour. Most castings can be unmolded in one hour. This can be accelerated to as little as 30 minutes by using a plaster slurry as your "mix water".

4) It sets quite hard and durable

LiquiStone sets to between 7,500 and 8,000 psi strength- which is 10 times as hard as Plaster of Paris. You will not be able to scratch  LiquiStone sculpture with your fingernail. These sculptures can last for generations.

5) The bright white color is great for painting

Paints and finishes that are slightly transparent can be very beautiful. The light goes through the finish, bounces off the white surface and returns through the finish. We sell a paint from Modern Masters called Flash Copper Sheer which makes very beautiful castings.